Fulfillment Warehouse in Bethel, CT

NEHDS goal is to help Connecticut businesses streamline their distribution and improve their bottom line with custom fulfillment warehousing services in conjunction with warehouse storage and distribution options. NEHDS provides their warehouse clients with a  real time web based integrated inventory system.


Our fulfillment warehouse in Bethel, CT is equipped with the best warehouse management system and is clean and secure 24 hours a day.  Our bonded warehouse in Bethel CT features:

  • High density racking system
  • Advanced inventory scanning
  • Temperature and Humidity control
  • Round-the-clock security

Our fulfillment center in Bethel is specifically designed to provide our customers with state of the art warehousing and storage options that will accomodate all business needs from medical to industrial.


NEHDS Warehouse and Fulfillment can assist your business with:

  • Overflow inventory stock
  • Specialized handling requirements
  • Space for a timed project
  • Additional space for seasonal demands

Our warehousing experts start the minute your feight arrives an our dock.  We immediately barcode your inventory and add it to our inventory tracking system, this gives you access to our online inventory management controls.


NEHDS Fulfillment will provide the best warehouse solutions for your business.  Call today 203-294-1900 for a tour of our Warehouse Storage Facility in Bethel Connecticut

Warehouse Inventory Management and Fulfillment - Bethel, CT

NEHDS is commited to customer satisfaction, we offer warehouse and distribution services to Connecticut businesses.  Our services will streamline your operation costs by tracking your inventory, managing your inventory and the delivery of your products.
Our experienced warehouse staff understands that each client's business is different based on the market they are in and the customers they service. NEHDS accomodates both business and consumer distribution.  Your dedicated Account Manager will create a custom warehouse and distribution solution for your business that will improve your bottom line.
NEHDS Warehousing and Fulfillment Services Include:
  • Order processing and real time tracking
  • Product shipping & Receiving
  • Secure Warehouse Storage
  • Web Based real time Inventory
  • Delivery and Logisitcs Management
NEHDS understands that a fast turn around time equals a greater profit for your business.  We always strive to exceed our client's expectations everyday! 
Contact Ross at rbecker@nehds.com or 203-537-8059 to schedule your tour of our Bethel Connecticut Distribution Warehouse.

Connecticut Warehouse Management and Fulfillment Services

  • Secure product and document storage
  • Real time Inventory management services
  • In bound and out bound order processing
  • Order fulfillment and web based tracking
  • Specialized handling services
  • Home delivery service