Retail Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing solutions are one of our specialties. We have years of experience working with companies in retail distribution. Whether your business is ready for additional storage space, needs to move products between multiple store locations, or is in search of cross-docking or warehouse operations, NEHDS has the space and the experience to develop a solid plan for your inventory.

Professional Warehouse Space Available

All of our warehouses come equipped with forklifts, racking and security cameras, state of the art lighting, sufficient dock doors and clean storage space.  If your business would be best served with 24-hour access to the facility, we can accommodate based on location.  We currently have seven warehousing sites across the Northeast region.

  • Albany, NY 
  • Bethel, CT
  • Cranbury, NJ 
  • Dedham, MA 
  • Hudson, NH 
  • Portsmouth, NH 
  • Windsor, CT 

Special Services


NEHDS began as a service to retailers. Business-to-business relationships have been our specialty since we began operations in 2008. We have continued to expand our retail offerings while sharpening our expertise with our existing services. NEHDS has a well-tuned fleet of more than 200 trucks traveling a 75-mile radius for our business customers. If you need to move products between multiple locations, re-stock from a storage facility or access our warehousing options, we can fulfill your needs.



NEHDS offers our retail customers the option to brand one or more of our trucks with their company logo.  This is a great choice for retailers offering delivery services but lack the facilities to maintain and operate delivery trucks. It also functions as a powerful marketing tool as our trucks travel throughout the entire Northeast promoting your company name.



Cross-docking is a quick turnaround process that can eliminate storage and cut costs. With cross-docking inventory is shipped in from a supplier and immediately loaded onto a retailer's truck for delivery to either a business or consumer location. Since cross-docking is focused solely on trucking, NEHDS has a primed fleet of delivery trucks available to support an uninterrupted flow of business for our retailers. Cross-docking is a great solution for cost management as it bypasses the need for storage centers.