NEHDS Leadership Team

Gerry Burdo, Chief Executive Officer

Gerry Burdo is our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  His expertise in operational, financial, and logistical components of the industry have been foundational in his 30 year career. Gerry started off as a CPA for KPMG and went on to hold senior executive positions with Ethan Allen, Ralph Lauren, and Kozmo.Com (an online logistics company). Gerry founded NEHDS with the goal to provide the best customer experience in the industry and he continues to strive, along with the entire leadership team, to make every NEHDS delivery exceptional.

Peter Katz, Chief Marketing Officer

Peter's professional experience has revolved around disciplines in marketing, sales and advertising across small and large companies in the consumer products and services categories. After receiving his MBA from the University of Michigan, Peter held positions of increasing responsibility with Sara Lee, Philips Electronics, Remington and Cuisinart prior to embarking on an ownership role in logistics start-up company.

Fred DiMaria, Chief Financial Officer

Fred DiMaria is our co-founder and Chief Financial Officer. As a licensed CPA with a strong background in financial roles from Warner Lambert and Ernst & Young, Fred has been the key developer of many of the benchmarks used to map our success.  Fred’s keen eye for detail has guided our company towards continuous improvements resulting in the highest customer retention in our industry.

Brian Jordan, Senior Vice President of Sales

Brian Jordan is the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of  Sales. Brian’s extensive experience in the delivery service and logistics industries has been invaluable for shaping the NEHDS vision.  His career spans over 40 years in diverse roles where he gained various industry perspectives.  Brian started off as an Industrial Engineer with UPS, progressed as an Account Manager and Regional Director of Operations for Merchant Home Delivery Service and then held the position of Vice President of Sales for Advanced Delivery Systems. Brian’s sales plans are built with the goal of creating delivery and warehousing options that provide professional and affordable services for our clients.

Wayne Posten, Senior Vice President Operations

Wayne Posten is our Southern Operational Vice President. He began his career with Advanced Delivery Systems as an account manager. After showing his ability for strong customer relations and business management he was promoted to a Regional Director overseeing major accounts from Connecticut to Florida and the mid west. Wayne currently oversees operations from New York to South Carolina for NEHDS. Wayne's operating unit successfully delivers $350 million of retail goods annually.

Ross Becker, Vice President of Operations

Ross Becker is our Northern Operations Vice President.  He began his career with NEHDS as the account manager of our fleet for Cardi’s Furniture. With a natural ability for fostering strong customer relations, Ross moved into the role as our Northern Regional VP where he oversees delivery operations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine as well as two warehouse operations. Ross’ operating unit successfully delivers $200 million of retail goods annually.

Vin Becker, President of Warehouse and Fulfillment/Retired 

Vin Becker is our Co-Founder as well as the former President of NEHDS.  Vin’s 40 years of experience in the operational and logistic industries have been vital to the growth of our company.  His career spans various management positions with Ethan Allen and Bassett Furniture. He is responsible for hiring and mentoring many of the NEHDS team members. Vin continues to contribute to the innovative strides of our company by heading up our warehouse and fulfillment division. Vin recently retired from an active role with NEHDS, but we continue to call on him regularly for guidance.