Retail Warehouse & Delivery Services


The NEHDS Philosophy

NEHDS is an owner operated company.  We began as a small, local operation fueled on a strong vision to serve our clients.  Our plan has always been to grow alongside the retailers we work with. Since we began as a small business, we have had the opportunity to develop relationship-based business practices.  By getting to know the companies we work with, their products, and their long term business goals, we have been able to provide professional delivery and warehousing services customized for those we serve. 


Our business is built on the principles of hard work, honesty, and dedicated support to our customers.  Our primary goal of providing delivery and warehousing services has proven successful as we continue to expand naturally with the growth of the retail communities we serve in the North East.  We have increased our fleet of delivery trucks, opened warehouse centers in four states, extended our services to residential customers, and also offer furniture assembly and repair. 


Our customers feel they have a reliable partner with NEHDS and that has been our mission since the beginning.

Community Involvement

The principals of NEHDS host a charity event every year to raise money for cancer research, to date almost a quarter of a million dollars has been donated to pediatric cancer research.

NEHDS Delivery, Warehouse and Logistics Services

  • retail delivery
  • warehousing facilities
  • cross-docking operations
  • inventory storage space
  • inventory management
  • re-stocking delivery
  • inventory delivery between multiple retail locations